YouTube alters algorithm after fake Vegas videos viralize


YouTube alters algorithm after fake Vegas videos viralize:

News come from Wall Street Journal said in his report that “Company YouTube has altered its search algorithms to display more reliable source after fake video series about the Las Vegas bombing on the platform”.  For those users who searched on YouTube for Las Vegas shots had access to these video that is been questioned whether the US government was questioned about this situation. Simply according to them this was a movie shot, and victim may be actors.

Another video source said that there are many gunman’s that are involved in Las Vegas shot, despite a 64 year old Stephen Paddock who shot at the crowd at music festival at Las Vegas. Now Google has owned this platform and it is been criticized by the victims and their survivors, to not publish that content more on internet.

Reporter also said in his report that “YouTube is filtering its search to remove this video content from all the channels soon, to not face criticism from the relative of victim and who survives that day”. Well YouTube didn’t reveal about the work of algorithm, about its source and its work.

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