You’ll soon be able to lock your BMW with Alexa


You’ll soon be able to lock your BMW with Alexa:

According to BMW automobile company, said recently that company is building an Alexa Skill for Amazon Echo as a part of its larger BMW connected cloud architecture. This new feature will allow user to connect with its BMW car to check the remaining range of its vehicle and also lock the doors via Echo. The other feature for BMW includes a connected link between car and driver via iPhone, which reminds time to leave type of notification and also make you apdate about the traffic information, tells you about the navigation systm and your destination too via from your iPhone and this feature said as in-car Nav system. Despite this feature BMW also integrate with Apple Watches too.

BMW Company says that new Alexa feature will soon to launch in market in this year, well the date not mention by the company. Ford said that with new Alexa support to its Ford Sync connected system with to add an additional control of schemes to the Echo. Echo owner gives the ability to speak and control Alexa form Car.

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