You wonder how to get mess clean in a matter of minutes


You wonder how to get mess clean in a matter of minutes ???

you are feeling lazy today, relaxing on couch watching tv and an old friend calls and says he in the neighborhood and wants to drop by in 15 minutes. Seriously?? OMG surprisefrown You look around and wonder how to get this mess clean in a matter of minutes ??? Here are few steps to help u fake a clean house winkdevil. Start at the beginning and do as much as you have time for until your guests arrive.


Quickly jump out of couch and walk to your entry way because the first thing that your guests will see is your entryway. Remove any clutter. clean up with a broom or vacuum quickly.


Nothing makes a house look messier than clutter. Get a laundry basket or a sack and begin collecting up things. Don’t worry about laundry at that time just put the basket or the sack out of sight until after the guests leave.


The place where your guest will be sitting, needs the most attention. Since you’ve already removed the clutter, now all you have to focus on is tidying surfaces. Work quickly from left to right tidying each surface and removing any extra clutter. Quickly vacuum or clean with broom the main walkway of the floor.


Grab a cleaning cloth and all-purpose spray. Wipe down all the surfaces quickly. Remove any clutter from bathroom. wipe the trash, clean the mirror. Make sure there is hand soap, a hand towel, and toilet paper accessible. flush twice the toilet and spray air freshener for unpleasant odors. Turn on a fan,exhaust fan or open the windows to get stale air moving.

Odor Control

Get a small pan filled with water, Add some vanilla extract and cinnamon and put it on the stove. It will make the whole house smell like heaven heart


Now run to your kitchen sink and put those dirty dishes in the dishwasher, or rinse and stack them neatly in the sink. Take a clean cloth and wipe down the kitchen surfaces.

Freshen Yourself

After doing all the cleaning stuff, examine yourself. The truth is that your guests gonna spend more time looking at you, not at your house. If necessary, change clothes, brush through your hair, put on some deodorant or spray body.


  1. If guest will spend more time in another area of your home, substitute it for the living area, and focus your time there.
  2. Use an all-purpose spray and a cleaning cloth for quick cleaning.
  3. Enlist the help of children or spouse to make the quick cleanup even go faster.

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