The world’s first solar road opens in France


Highway is in Tourouvre and will be able to provide energy for the street lighting of the small town of 5 thousand inhabitants

France inaugurated on Thursday (22) the world’s first solar road. 

The highway is in Tourouvre, in the northwest of the country, in the Normandy region, and will be able to provide power for the street lighting of the small town of 5 thousand inhabitants. The information is from Deutsche Welle. 

Developed by French civil engineering company Colas, a subsidiary of construction giant Bouygues, the one kilometer stretch was covered with 2.8 square meters of solar panels connected to the local electricity grid. According to the report, about 2,000 cars travel daily on the road in Tourouvre, which will serve to test the resistance of the panels.

Through a statement, French Environment Minister Ségolène Royal announced a four-year plan for the development of solar roads, with initial projects in Brittany in the west and Marseilles in the south. 

“This new use of solar energy takes advantage of large stretches of road infrastructure already in use to produce energy without taking up new spaces,” Ségolène said. 

Similar projects are being conducted in Germany, the Netherlands and the United States. In Germany, the initiative is undergoing testing on a 150-meter stretch near the western city of Cologne. 

The state of Missouri, in the United States, works in the installation of panels in a small area near the famous Route 66, the road that crosses the country. 

The company claims that France could become independent from non-renewable energy by paving only a quarter of its millions of kilometers of solar-powered roads. 

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