Without bragging, Windows 10 adds feature cheats in games


Without bragging, Windows 10 adds feature cheats in games:

Microsoft has been released this week, Window 10 Fall Creators Update which brings many other new features, but company didn’t make it with a tool which works against cheats for games. New has been reveal in the preview version update which released in July, according to VG247  Site in which features is in questions which was documented by the Microsoft and now it is under True-play. It is similar to the Valve gaming platform, according to company the new Window 10 is focused on games developers who want to stand against on cheating games like wallhacks etc. True-play works like, it collect game data and will sends to the developers which will tells you about unusual thing happening to your PC. Feature is available but by default it is disabled, and user can change it in Game setting Window 10.

According to Verge, Microsoft is ready to start their API of the Novelty to developers.

However, it is worth noting that the tool is limited to the games available in the Microsoft Store, which should make its use somewhat low, at least for now.

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