WhatsApp Releases Real-Time Location Sharing feature


WhatsApp Releases Real-Time Location Sharing feature:

On Tuesday, Whats app announced to released another feature, which allow user to share their real-time location with friends and family though whats app app. This feature also have ability to share the live location for time period of reining from 15 to 8 hours. In fact this feature will also have good usage, like you have accident and you are alone to wait for the help too long, this app also gives back up support help to user. And just like messaging conversation, this feature also encrypted end to end conversation.

How to use:

Open new group or contact in Whats App, tap on attachment icon and than go to location: here you will find the new option named as “share current location” and than choose how long you want to share it and than tap to submit, if you are posting in group than each member of conversation see your real-time location on a map. And more than 1 member that share real-time location will appear on the same map.


According to company this feature is in testing mode and will release in upcoming days for Android and iOS users.

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