WhatsApp launches communication tool between companies and clients


WhatsApp launches communication tool between companies and clients:

WhatsApp release another feature which facilitate communication between customers and businesses, it is still in test and not launched, company doesn’t make any statement about the launch of this new feature in market. According to company test will start soon with pilot with personnalite Digital. In Brazil ltau is the only company which uses Facebook messaging application tool.

According to financial Institute, this new feature is develop to facilitate a dialogue between client and managers that’s why we are sending notification and alerts to companies.


WhatsApp is very common in daily life, use in market as for study, business and for chat, company make an improvement by seeing to numbers of users of WhatApp to take it to advance level in market soon.

It makes people connected around world; according to company COO Matt Idema “that’s why we are applying same approach for business dialogue between client and their managers to remain connected and up to date with their business details”. And we are also making it secure for user that their information does not leak in any case, that why we verified every new users with its Mobile number. New feature also make end to end conversation.

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