WhatsApp is bringing better management for your media files


WhatsApp is bringing better management for your media files:

Mostly all whatsApp user face storage space problem, for that many times we delete photos and video just to save storage. Just like Facebook, it takes a lot of space that why sometime our phone hangs. But now WhatsApp announced a new feature that will solve save storage problem for all its users. This new feature is now available; just update your whatsApp App.

Sort Your Storage

Company will soon release to feature, from that user will able to distinguish between different messages based on type file like GIFs, video, photo and other types of documents. This feature will ease user to delete to most space conserve data from mobile phone easily.

The analytics can be viewed in a tally presented by the app.

How to Access

To access this feature go to “Setting” than tap on “Data and storage usage” than tap on to “storage usage”. Now user can able to see the size of all types of messages, able to manage and delete data. This feature firstly released by Android Police earlier this week. Soon this feature will be available in iOS device for iOS users.

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