Waymo autonomous cars have more than 6 million kilometers


Waymo autonomous cars have more than 6 million kilometers:

Waymo has reveal about its autonomous car that it surpassed the 6.4 million mile on the public road after the project started in 2009.

Waymo has conducting such good speed up work with initiative in some recent years is shown by the company in the chart. Only between May and November 2017 did the company guarantee 1.6 million kilometers from its autonomous vehicles. In October this year, vehicle is ready for tested without the presence of a safety driver behind the wheel in the public streets of Phoenix, Arizona. Waymo’s employees are still present in the car when test conducted. People seating in the back seats also have button to stop the vehicle in some emergency case.

Company learns autonomous systems from a combination of experiences on public streets but t held in the private testing area for safety precaution.

Google has made the technology that has been equipping its cars for about eight years. And by reaching the so-called level 4 autonomy, the company is ahead of the rest of the industry, including competitor Uber. In September recent this year, Company founded by Travis Kalanick reached 1.6 million kilometers driven with its autonomous cars.

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