Volkswagen’s new car uses IBM Watson to take drivers’ doubts


Volkswagen’s new car uses IBM Watson to take drivers’ doubts:

On November Company officially presents, about the new Volkswagen Virtus will have a smart assistant to assist the driver in the most diverse situations which named as Cognitive Manual. Feature will available for use from January in coming year, after sedan arrives in the Brazilian market, with the application My Volkswagen for iOS and Android smart phones.

The Virtus wizard used in it the IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence system to respond (in text, video, photo, or audio) to users’ questions, which can be done through text or voice commands. To add all the contents of the Virtus manual in a best way to the driver, the new feature promise to solve the varied doubts.

Volkswagen’s executive manager of scanning, connectivity, and business models for America South, Fábio Rabelo state that “If you see a light on the dashboard that you do not know what it means, the user can take a picture and send it to the wizard through the application”.

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