UK to allow users to delete personal data from the Internet


UK to allow users to delete personal data from the Internet:

UK minister of culture and digital make new law for their country for leave European Union.

In new bill it is approved that user can now remove or delete permanent their personal data from internet which is published by user from internet and also from social networks like Facebook. This makes a new control to UK user because in any inconvenience they can delete their data from internet or to change them.

British government approves this bill because they want to give their people freedom anywhere in country. This step was taken due to cyber crimes which is increasing gradually worldwide. Criminal may uses the other accounts and all personal details that may harm users, so that a brave step by the British government for their peoples. This help that serious date will remain in high security and other can be delete otherwise it may allow fine to approximately 22 million of dollars.

This process will applicable from May 2018. Lawyers also started the country area and said that people can serve GPDR when after leave to EU in 2019.

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