Uber wins official boarding points at Guarulhos Airport


Uber wins official boarding points at Guarulhos Airport:

On Tuesday 12/9, official boarding points for passengers with the App from Guarulhos Airpot, it facilitate between a meeting driver and passenger, races with flat rate of $ 4.50. To facilitate a meeting between driver and users, Uber manage an embarkation stage at different terminals of Cumbia, it is being detect by the plate with logo of App.

In Terminal 1, the point is near Check-in point A, while in Terminal 2 you will be near Check-in C and D. In Terminal 3, where the departure and arrival of only international flights, meeting is close to Check-in D.

More expensive

This convenience cost extra for passengers, from now the ride start from Guarulhos Airport will take bit more price compared to early, it will charge 4.50 reais. According to Uber this money will transfer directly to the management of Airport.

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