Uber Rival, Lyft raises $ 1 billion in new investment round


Uber Rival, Lyft raises $ 1 billion in new investment round:

Lyft consider as a top rival of Uber in the US, and news has come the Lyft invests $ 1 billion in a new round which led by CapitalG (equip arm Google parent company Alphabet).

After the new round investment, Lyst has reach market value of $ 11 billion, well the market value of Lyft is too far away from Uber market value which is $ 62 billion, and with this new round investment CapitalG’s David Lawee will soon join the Lyft board of directors.

Well Uber Is facing many big problems this year like scandals and CEO change, in this platform Lyft is been collecting good numbers.

Because of those scandals, Uber has to face many more problems. According to company Lyft, company recently announced that it has exceeded 500 million races in US and is available to the 95%  of the US population.

With this, Google has already invest in Uber about around $ 250 in a year of 2013, and the most recent things happen between companies relation is now complicated especially after the launch of judicial process of Waymo, which is the subsidiary of autonomous cars which accuse Uber of stealing trade secrets.

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