Uber now allows driver to receive payment in just one day


Uber now allows driver to receive payment in just one day:

Last week Uber announced App Flex Pay throw this driver can receive payment in one day having the eligibility criteria is 25 trip to receive money in Brazil.

Flex Pay Will use by the Uber driver this will help to not wait money for a week just make 25 trips and use this Flex Pay feature and collect money from money on daily basis.

News that if Flex Pay didn’t enable by drivers, then it will continue to receive money on weekly basis from Uber.

Uber make a relief for driver by taking money on daily basis to make it happen driver need to make 25 trips daily to receive money from Uber. Driver who didn’t wait too much to receive money weekly from Uber has a great chance to receive daily from Uber.

Some of the cases from 10 to 1 Flex Pay may take about 2 or 3 days to appear value in drivers bank account.

Now the question is how to use Flex Pay?

To Use this Feature:

To use Flex Pay, driver just need to install the app then access tab “earnings” throw uber partner application then click on flex pay. After that you’re your transfer is on the way if you are eligible.

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