Uber CEO leaves office once after board request


Last week Executive already announced indefinite leave last week. Departure of Kalanick ma y lead Business to change throw out  world in modern culture.

Now uber is vehicle without a driver, after the resignation of CEo of kalanick onj Tuesday (20).

On Wednesday of (21) According to New York times, the departure of kalanick are came at request Of board of directors, Business had already lost a vice president Emil Michael, Kalanick’s  right-hand man.

Uber has tell another key word , Vice President of Technology Anthony Leavandowski, who may led business all alone. He is in lawsuit against uber by waymo, the next CEO must deal with these difficulties.

Uber is been struggling because the resignation of CEO and its right-hand man. On Wednesday it positioned as 124 in advanced technology

On Tuesday (20), the chief of US operations Rachel Holt and drivers experience boss, Aaron Schildkrout, he sent a mail to Uber about the partnerships and driver’s . In  email they promising a 180-day shift program days.


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