Uber announces merger with rival app in Russia


Uber announces merger with rival app in Russia:

Uber has announced this week about the merger rival app in Russia. China is selling its operation to Didi Chuxing.

News as came that that a private company joins Taxi service in Russian which is named as “Google Russia” search with the platform of Yandex and it will hold large share with the cost of 3.725 billion dollars. News as revealed that Yandex has invest about $ 100 million dollars to take 59.3% of new company stakes while other hand Uber has invest its double $225 million to receive a 36.6% of company stakes.

Result is that Uber will operate only in 127 cities in 6 countries. Uber said that “we are glad to share business with Yandex and for this result 35 million delivered per month”.

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