TVR previews next sports car


TVR previews next sports car:

TVR revealed new image of new sports car. According to news this new sports car will capable to reach on 200 mph also with Cosworth-developed V8 engine will launch on September of 8.

For this sport car about 250to 300 people contact to TVR Company to place a pre-order but according to news this number is increasing day by day. New TVR sports car which costs about $7,700 has a great look from its interior and exterior body parts.

Customers who placed a pre-order for this new TVR sports car, they also visited the company for the full specification and overview of car. According to company TVR is aiming for About 400-hp a sub 1,200 kilogram curb weight(2,645 pounds) price below $111,000, and car also hit 60 mph in just 4.0 seconds with top speed over 200mph.

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