TSE wants Army aid against cyber crimes in 2018 Elections


TSE wants Army aid against cyber crimes in 2018 Elections:

Another big news comes last day, that Army and Electoral Court want to sign the agreement to work as a unit,together to combat the cyber crime in upcoming elections. The cyber issue was discussed in meeting between Defense Minister Raul Jungmann and the president of the supreme Electoral Tribunal MR Gilmar Mandes, according to report.

Jungmann said that “As the new legislation will play a major role in social networks in the next elections, it is crucial to have a committee that is also concerned with cyber crime” in short he says that, army is the best equipped institute to face fight against cyber crimes.

Real time

Gilmar Mendes said that , one have to  “take great care” with the new legislation, which allows crowdfunding, also called collective financing. “We will have to conduct almost real-time monitoring of all donations also.”

TSE president also made clear to parties, concern about the about the organized crime on this front, Mendis cited called Hunting for CPFs.

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