Trigg and Visa launch payment bracelet in Brazil


Trigg and Visa launch payment bracelet in Brazil:

Brazilian technology company “Fintech Trigg”announced on Wednesday October 18, the launch of a bracelet that able user to make payments by approach. Fintech trigg released it with the partnership wit Visa, bracelet made up with elastic silicone it is, waterproof and easy to wear at wrist. This bracelet available for those user who own the Trigg Visa Card, other than no one can buy this bracelet. It is managed with smartphone and rivals name are Bank, Digi and Neon in the Brazilian market.

It will sell with cost of 50 reais, Trigg Band uses near NFC to replace the card when it comes to make payments on card machine. Just need to zoom in on the accessory and than enter the password to pay for your purchase, that’s so cool to use.

It has been saying that, Trigg card has annuity of 118,80 reais with the exemption in first three months use. For other service fee include a tariff of 4 reais for national service and 10 reais for the international service.

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