Toyota joins Mazda to develop technology for electric cars


Toyota joins Mazda to develop technology for electric cars:

News come from the two major automaker companies Toyota and Mazda, that they team up to make future electric cars and other technologies for their vehicles. According to three major Japanese companies which announced start of this week, that the creation of EV common Architecture spirit co. mostly all new companies will be from Toyota, which hold about 90% of stake while on other hand Mazda and Denso hold 5% each stakes.

According to company about 40% of engineers from both companies will work together as a one team to develop the structure of technologies in their vehicles like electrification of cars, fully hybrid cars for future. Both companies team up because the trend of car is been changing with the passage of time, just like other companies are making fully electric cars for future, Toyota and Mazda also team up with this thought so that they didn’t get last in market with new technologies in their vehicles.

Both companies also plan to open business structure that could attract other automakers, well the full detail of business didn’t reveal by the company, this deal come about a month ago after the news of Toyota that it acquire 5% of Mazda and that two maker with make its efforts in one platform to reduce the use of fossil fuels. A joint US $ 1.6 billion US-based factory is also planned to start production by 2021.

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