Top Ten Antiviruses


Top Ten Antiviruses:

According to the test taking by independent lab a new list of antivirus has been updated. and team of TechTraker has just able to give you the list of Top Ten Antivirus: here you can check:

Bitdefender Plus:

Bitdefender Plus is antivirus which leaves you alone while you’re using the computer and conducts most of its processes discreetly in the background. It also consistently scores the highest marks on tests done by independent labs that are why it’s on the top list of Top 10 Antivirus.

Here you can know more about Bitdefender Plus Click Here:

Kaspersky Internet Security:

It is also an antivirus which actually works on internet security with your desktop. The top feature of Kaspersky Internet Security has a VPN connection that allows for safe and private browsing. Its Safe Money technology also helps ensure all your financial transactions are legitimate.

Here you can know more about Kaspersky Internet Security:


Symantec Norton Security Deluxe:

It also an antivirus with the ability to root your drives. Symantec Norton Security Deluxe has a Power Eraser that digs deep within your hard drive to root out anything left behind. It is also the most trustful brand in the market of antivirus security.

Here you can know more about Symantec Norton Security Deluxe:

Trend Micro:

Today the threatening virus named as ransomware that encrypts your essential documents and makes you pay to get the decryption key. Trend Micro comes with a Folder Shield feature that protects your most essential documents on your computer from outside tampering.

Here you can know more about Symantec Norton Security Deluxe:

Webroot Internet Security Complete:

Webroot Internet Security Complete works on automatic remediation to repair the infected files on systems without re-imaging, and securely backs up your files with 25GB from online storage. It also fully scans your computer in less than 5 minutes while other programs can take up to an hour. It takes less time when scanning PCs.

Here you can know more about Webroot Internet Security Complete:

McAfee Livesafe:

If user has lost the number of devices he owned on their PCs, then McAfee Livesafe is the choice for you. It allows for an unlimited amount of devices in one household, and user can monitor and adjust the status of each one from the application.

Here you can know more about McAfee Lvesafe:

AVG Ultimate:

AVG Ultimate is the upgraded version of free antivirus and millions of users across the world use it. This also had a paid version which lets you to create encrypted storage zones on your computer that are completely inaccessible to any snooping fingers.

Here you can know more about AVG Ultimate:


ESET NOD32 is a straightforward antivirus program that lacks many additional features but makes up for it with its lightning fast scanning and small footprint. It secures your Wi-Fi if anyone is leeching to your internet.

Here you can know more about ESET NOD32:

Avira Pro:

Avira Pro keeps your system free from viruses which mostly dangerous for your system  It also features self-defense technology to prevent anything from manipulating or disabling its protection.

Here you can know more about Avira Pro:

Threattrack Vipre Internet Security:

Threattrack Vipre Internet Security giving lifetime license that frees you up from having to worry about renewing your subscription every year. It also scans your social media pages for any links that could potentially harm your computer and you don’t have to take tension about your system.

Here you can know more about Threattrack Vipre Internet Security:

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