top five healthy food for healthy life


Five healthy foods for healthy life


Carrots are one of the vegetable which provide vitamins, minerals and fibre.

carrots is very useful for some dangerous disease like cancer, Lung cancer, eye vision etc. Carrots can help us to see in the dark due to lack of Vitamin A.

We can also store carrots in refrigerator  in sealed plastic bags, for long term used.  


Salmon is full of protien with variety of omega-3 fatty acids, which is very beneficial for eyesight and blurred vision.

Salmon is very good source of potassium and Selenium. 

Very useful in weight control and also safe us heart disease.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits is very useful for our health. Including (Oranges, grapefruits, lemon, limes etc).

Citrus fruits is full of Vitamin C. These vitamin is very useful for our body.

These fruits save us dangerous diseses like infection, cancer, cardiovascular diseases etc. They can also reduce risk of kidney stones. 

These fruits help us to fight against cancer.

These fruits is also good source of fibre, Whick control our cholesterol.

Citrus fruits control our Calories.

Citrus fruits can also raise level of citrate in urine.





Kale is full of Vitamin C and nutrients. These nutrients enable body tissues to grow.

its also good for skin , hairs and bones.

It may control diabetes, and also control blood pressure.

It is also good source of Iron.

Kale is one of world's healthiest food.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes is very rich source of fibre, minerls, iron, selenium.

Sweet potatoes is very good for lungs functions. It may also conrol Sugar level.

 Sweet potatoes also protect against Cancer, Heart disease and aging.

It may also boost immune system and also beneficial for digestion.

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