Top Five Healthiest Nuts


 Top five Healthy Nuts


 Almonds are hight in Vitamin E   and Protiens. Almonds are very popular tree nuts and available in many places.

Almonds are beneficial for sugar control and also control blood pressure.

Almond can control our cholesterol level. It can also reduce heart disease.

Almond is also full of many minerals. It can also boost bones and make our teeth healthy and strong.

Almonds is also good for our skin and hairs.

 Good diet for pregnant womens.


Peanuts is full of vitamins , minerals and protien. Peanuts is available in many places.

Peanuts is beneficial for fight stomch cancer and also fight against despression.

It is very good for skin care. It is also blood sugar regulator. It is also help in growing hairs.

It may also reduce cholesterol. It may also reduce risk of gallstone.

Peanuts is very beneficial for healthy brain. 

It may also boost our memory.


Pistachio is very consumed nuts and available in many places.

Pistachio is very rich in fiber and very high in anti-oxidents.

Pistachio is beneficial for skin. It may improve appearance of skin. 

It may reduce bad cholesterol .

It may improve eyes health and beneficial for cardiovascular protection.

It may helps lose weight and also control diabetes.

Its may improve heart health and boost immune system.

It may improves body's metabolism.





Cashew is full of protein and minerals. It is also very high in vitamins.

its also good for skin and hair grwoth.

It is very beneficial for good gums and teeths. 

It may helps loss weight

It may help  to prevent cancer disease. It also helps for development of bones and connective tissues.

It may also assist metabolism function.

It may also protect our eyes.


Walnuts improves heart function , improve bone health and aslo improve the metabolism.

It may also conrol Sugar level. Fight to prevent cancer.

It may boost memory. Good for brain.

Its help to regulate sleep.

It may help to manage weight. It is also very rich in Vitamin E.

It may improve reproductive health in men.

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