Top 5 Uses of OTG Cable That You Probably Don’t Know


Top 5 Uses of OTG Cable That You Probably Don’t Know:

Here you can find the rear uses of OTG cable which is also known as USB-On-The-Go, as we all know this cable is commonly use for charging your device, connecting two device to interact each other and also to transfer data from PC and to charge your mobile from another mobile. Let’s get check out rear uses of this OTG Cable.

1.   Connecting as a game controller:

You can use OTG cable to connect a game controller with your phone, PC and Xbox r gaming consoles. Well you can also use OGT cable with mobile to play game, most of the game like arcade game are tough to play with touch screen and so that you can play with game controller.

2.  Connect a Portable Hard Drive

OGT Cable can also be use as a portable hard drive connects to your phone. Now it’s been getting common day by day. Just plug flash drive into the secondary port of cable and use it. Now you can also use micro SD card as an external storage by using OTG device. It is similar cable and also acts like that.

3.  Connect a Sound Card or Microphone

With OTG cable you can also connect a sound card or microphone to your Smartphone, it will able to user to deliver a high quality recording. Just connect sound card to your Smartphone with OGT cable and enjoy this feature. You can use it when your jack isn’t responding or working correctly, just connect it and enjoy.

4.  USB Keyboard

When you’re in hurry and you have to write long text, or you are a blogger and you don’t have the faculty of PC and laptop then typing through android keyboard gets more time and also gets your boring with OTG cable you can use keyboard with your Smartphone to write anything, it will also gets your finger relax rather than writing on android keyboard. It also has same way of connecting with your mobile just like above mention.

5.  USB Mouse

If your deice has touch problem or you are bore to use your Smartphone with by touching, then just relax here another awesome use of OTG which will help you to your mobile in similar way by connecting mouse with your Smartphone, it’s just similar with keyboard connecting just bring OTG cable and connect it with your phone.

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