Top 5 software house in Canada


Top 5 software house in Canada:

OpenText Corporation:

OpenText Corporation is a Canadian software company which develops and sells enterprise management, with a market value of $5.61 billion and annual revenues of $1.7 billion, and it remains one of the top names among Canadian software companies. It’s headquartered situated in Waterloo, Ontario. Company aims on its products at addressing information management requirements which includes management of large volumes of content with feature of mobile and online experience management system.

It sells enterprise information management, or EIM, software solutions to major companies in a large variety of industries. Software designed to use for optional purpose to enable the company management to control the business with the greatest efficiency. It generally a public trading company with employs of 8,700 people in it, which is a huge numbers.

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Constellation Software, Inc:

Constellation Software, Inc diversified Software Company. This has a market capitalization of $11.67 billion and annual revenues of over $1.6 billion. Company offering its market-leading software and services to a number of industries that performs in both public and private sectors. The company was founded by Mark Leonard in 1995 and it went publicly in 2006, and now it has more than 1,300 of employees.

Company aim was to amass a portfolio of growing market software companies that possessed those qualities which necessary to make them leaders in their particular markets. Constellation provides its services to more than 30,000 consumers, and it operating in more than 30 countries worldwide. The company has outlets in North America, Australia and Europe, and it employs more than 9,000 workers.

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Enghouse Systems, Ltd:

Enghouse Systems, Ltd situated in Markham Canada. Company develops and sells enterprise software solutions which are operating in three divisions: Enghouse Networks, Enghouse Transportation and Enghouse Interactive. Enghouse’s customer base is financial services companies, hospitality firms, health care corporations and public utilities. The firm’s market is $1.36 billion, and the company generates annual revenues of approx $300 million.

It is founded in 1984; Enghouse has its headquarters in Markham, Canada. Company deal in several countries the United States, the United Kingdom, throughout Western Europe and in Israel, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.

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Points International, Ltd:

Points International is founded in 1999 and is situated in Toronto Canada. Company offers a sphere of technology and e-commerce services to loyalty program operators. It has a market of approx $1.52 billion with annual revenues more than $260 million. Basically it takes and operates; it is named as the world’s number one reward program website. The site is a portal where consumers are able to buy, share, swap, gift, and redeem miles or points through loyalty programs offered by a variety of retail partners.

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Mitel Networks:

Mitel Networks is situated in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. . Michael Cowpland and Terry Matthews founded Mitel in 1972. Basically it is a telecommunication company which delivers unified communications solutions to a variety of businesses. It has a market value of just under $1.7 billion and annual revenues of $900 million. A change in ownership in 2001 led the company away from producing TDM PBX systems and shifted focus almost entirely to Voice-over-Internet Protocol, or VoIP products. Later on in 2010 it become a public company.

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