Top 10 Security Cameras


Top 10 Security Cameras:

Netgear Arlo Pro

It’s totally wireless, the Netgear Arlo Pro is ideal for indoor or outdoor use for security purpose; it is magnetically mountable camera can easily fit the area you want. Plus, the free app gives you full access from your computer, Smartphone, or tablet. Mean you can control the camera from your Smartphone, computer and from tablet. It weighs 3.2 pounds, Model VMS4130-100NAS, Brand of NETGEAR.

  • Completely weatherproof
  • Customizable activity alerts
  • Only records when motion is detected

Yi Technology 87001

The Yi Technology 87001 is an all-in-one system that gives you a lot of bang for your buck. It features a built-in microphone and speaker that allows you to have 2-way conversations conveniently through your phone and camera. It weighs 8.8 ounces, Model US edition, Brand of YI.

  • Night vision ir lighting control
  • Has a 4x optical digital zoom
  • Can sync to multiple devices

Nest Cam NC1102ES

The Nest Cam NC1102ES provides continuous 24/7 live video streaming standby, with this feature you never miss a moment while away from your home or office. It is easy to set up, and it uses bank-level data security to keep all of your private information safe from hackers too. It weighs 1.7 pounds, Model NC1102ES, Brand of NEST.

  • Can show clips and time lapse images
  • No hub needed to get started
  • Whole room visibility

Canary CAN100USWT

Protect your home or business with the Canary CAN100USWT. It is designed to learn your space over time, and sends you instant video and audio alerts right to your Smartphone as you set up it schedule. Whenever it detects something outside anticipated schedules it will just alert you with video. It weighs 2.1 Pounds, Model CAN100USWT, and Brand of CANARY.

  • monitors air quality and temperature
  • auto arm and disarm feature
  • loud 90 db siren

Black Label Innovations Cam Pro BL2605


One of the key features of the Black Label Innovations Cam Pro BL2605 is its plug-and-play setup which too quick for anyone to set it up where they want to. By simply downloading the app and putting the unit in position, you’ll be ready to start securing your home and office in just a few minutes. It weighs 1.4 Pounds, Model BL2605BK, and Brand of Black Label Innovations.

  • records in 1080p
  • 2-way audio capabilities
  • minimal technical support

Amcrest 960H

When you want optimal coverage for multiple angles or rooms, then Amcrest 960H is the best choice for that. It records professional quality widescreen video through four high resolution satellites, with advanced motion detection, as well as a USB backup for peace of mind. It weighs 11.4 Pounds, Model AMDV960H4-4B, and Brand of AMCREST.

  • can live stream or track to a drive
  • impressive 984-ft transmission range
  • more than many homes need

Remocam Smart RMCU-1508

The Remocam Smart RMCU-1508 is great for use as a baby monitor, nanny cam, pet watcher, or for checking on your elderly siblings. It has a hassle-free QR code setup, and the ability to personalize your motion sensor preferences. It weighs 1.5 Pounds, Model RMCU-1508, and Brand of REMOCAM.

  • 8 embedded infrared sensors
  • records to the cloud or to micro sd
  • not compatible with windows os

Amcrest ProHD

The Amcrest ProHD features a 90-degree wide angle for viewing, as well as pan and tilt adjustments that give you complete control over the camera wherever you want to adjust it. Also, with the Sony image sensor and Ambarella processor, you can watch every video in high definition. It weighs 2.3 Pounds, Model IP2M-841B, and Brand of AMCREST.

  • lets you see up to 32 ft in the dark
  • fluid 360-degree movement
  • setup is too complicated

Vimtag VT-361

Some users want all of the bells and whistles without having to spend a fortune, choose the Vimtag VT-361. It has a 3 dBi antenna for a reliable Wi-Fi connection, but the overall quality isn’t great while comparing from others cameras. It weighs 2.3 Pounds, Model VT-361, and Brand of VIMTAG.

  • wps button for simple setup
  • remotely control pan and tilt
  • app is not very user-friendly

Uniden UDR744 HD

The Uniden UDR744 HD can survey your home in poor weather and can work in low light conditions to keep you safe and secure. Its versatile design allows you to schedule a run time, manually record, or rely on motion sensors, depending on your needs. It weighs 4.2 Pounds, Model CUDR744HD, and Brand of Uniden.

  • Can expand up to 4 feeds
  • Portable color monitor
  • software gets buggy after a while

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