Top 10 Amazon purchases that are under $25


Top 10 Amazon purchases that are under $25

  1. The Letigo Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush to help you exfoliate your skin.

This new system named as Legito Sonic Cleansing Brush, which help your skin to remove dust from it and the best thing is its prize it is only $18.85. Instead of buying expensive product you should have to try this one. It’s new in the market, and customers give a good rate to this. You can buy this product form Amazon easily.

  1. This Anker portable USB charger so your phone will always make it through the day.

Markets are full of portable USB charger, they too big to carry on hands. That why Anker launched its new USB portable charger in small case doesn’t go at its size because it can charge many phone easily. You can buy this form Amazon for $25.99.

  1. These foldable headphones that will fit into your small bag.

People are too conscious with music and that’s why every company regularly give their best to peoples. It’s not about only music, it’s about comfort too. They’re foldable, so they fit in my small purse and are very cute. You can get it from Amazon for $19.33.

  1. This SanDisk flash drive with a Micro USB connector that can connect to your phone and any computer.

Majority we all have mobile phone in our hands. And we need to copy thing from our PC or laptops and it’s hard to connect USB direct to your mobile phones. This SanDick Flash Drive with a Micro USB connecter can directly and easily connect to your mobile or PC with needed and give great rate of transfer file. It Get it from Amazon for $23.

  1. This magnetic phone holder that fits on your car air vent.

We often lay down to watch movie on our phone, the worst thing is to handle mobile phone. Many holders are in market, but this is totally magnetic which support your mobile while you are driving or at home to watch movie without holding your mobile phones. Get it from Amazon for $7.99.

  1. This waterproof dry bag for Smartphones phones.

This waterproof dry bag for phone keep your phone under water up to 98 feet and allow you to take good pictures. Get it from Amazon for $6.99.

  1. These Panasonic ear buds that give you the most bang for your buck!

It comes in eight colors, which vary in price from $6–$10, and consider in market as  best of any ear buds. Added bonus: I’ve dropped them in water multiple times and they’ve never been affected. So they are also water proof. Get it from Amazon for $8.40.

  1. 48-pack of AA batteries because you can never have enough

This is a pack of AA batteries, you can easily but it form Amazon. It is long lasting batteries provides better timing to your device. Get it from Amazon for $11.87.

  1. This Q-Flex Acupressure Back and Body Massage Tool that works out your muscle knots.

Throughout the day we all being tired from our work, for that we just not need only time to rest but also need a massage which relaxes our muscles and mind. But it’s harsh to go to the massager every single day. So I am introducing a massage tool which can easily use by everyone itself.

Get it from Amazon for $24.99.

10.This bottle-opener ring so you can open bottles with a flick of the hand.

In a party or anywhere where you have bottle but not find the opener, this is a opener looks like a ring too. So it gives you double look with ring and a bottle opener. Get it form Amazon for just $1.11.

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