The “Tesla of Buses” Travels 1750 KM on a single charge


The “Tesla of Buses” Travels 1750 KM on a single charge:

Tesla is making our future well and good by making, such great technology which will help in our future. Here is the example of another effort by Tesla, recently they tested a bus which run on totally electricity and make 1750 KM on a single charge which is great effort by the whole team of Tesla. According to company it seems that in future the consumption of diesel will not be use in transportation. In our words Bus can easily travel from Islamabad (Pakistan) to Lahore (Pakistan) 4 times with single charge.

This is a great effort by Elon Musk and team of Tesla, the battery powered bus provides by Proterra has just announced a new range of record. Proterra also tested long vehicles like catalyst e3 which can run 350 miles in single charge.

CEO’s Remarks

CRO of Proterra Ryan Poppe says that “Driven by the best cost savings-per-mile, we believe the business case for heavy-duty electric buses is superior to all other applications, and that the transit market will be the first to transition completely to battery-electric powered vehicles”.Company also opened there new production center at Burlingame.


The long 40 foot buses are being sold at $700,000 per unit, Proterra sold 400 units in US this year. The cost of Electric bus is challenge for company because a normal diesel bus cost $500,000. Company will released it spec and price soon.

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