Tesla’s Hyperloop beats speed record and reaches 355 km / h


Tesla’s Hyperloop beats speed record and reaches 355 km / h:

In the start of the month of August Elon Musk said that we are working on Ultrasonic speed train called Hyper-loop form Tesla Company. On His instagram account he posted that pod has a speed of 355 km/h in test session. The speed is higher than the one that a team of students of Germany managed to achieve with a prototype and that participated in the competition SpaceX Hyperloop Pod, realized by the company – also of Musk – last Sunday. The prototype of the WARR Hyper-loop team was able to hit 324 km / h.

The two vehicles were tested in the 1.2-km test strip of SpaceX, which is located near the company’s headquarters in Hawthorne, California. We were very impressed by the student who attains the speed with control, according to Tesla Company also gives him a low budget but he also proved himself with extra ability. Musk also said that we are expecting that it will reach hardly to 500 km/h but it sir passed our limitations. The idea of Hyperloop is proposed by Musk in 2013, by advancing his researches, at that time many of them are against and saying that this is unreal project and will never be generate in future.

Tesla also announced that Hyper-loop One reached a mark of 308 km/h while passing through a tube tunnel of 500 meters in Nevada desert.

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