Tesla partners with AMD to create own chip for stand-alone cars


Tesla partners with AMD to create own chip for stand-alone cars:

According to company CNBC, the owner of company Elon Musk received a first sample of processors for testing, company partnership with AMD to create its own chip for their vehicles. It is working more on chip to improve the skill needed to power its fleet of fully autonomous vehicle and it will complete soon in 2019 according to Elon Musk.

The maker of electric car is increasing the possibility of relying on partnership with other processor manufacture along with AMD. Tesla has recently received a sample of its new processor implementation on testing bases. From now Tesla and AMD are become officialized partners.

New from Tesla Company is working on its own chip to develop a new type of hardware with higher computing power, because the full autonomous car will need a big power house for processing data by the cameras and sensor in the car.

Tesla is making in future vehicle car will run on totally electricity or fully hybrid, that why company working hard on their projects for ease it partnership with AMD for powerful AMD chip building project.

This step make revolution in vehicle market, news from Intel that it will soon join Waymo to develop a fully autonomous car just like Tesla is going for that. NVIDIA also working with Toyota, Audi and Volvo to make fully autonomous cars in future.

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