Tesla to install world’s largest battery system in Australia


Tesla to install world's largest battery system in Australia:


Elon Musks Company won bit in Australian state and company has 100 days to deliver installation.

Place selected by the South Australia to develop largest lithium-ion battery in the world that will connect through a grid.

According to news Elon Musk have won many of other contracts that have to competed for the construction of battery In case of emergency blackout this battery will be use.

This battery is building because South Australia was hit by blackout in September because of storms.

Agreement has that it has to deliver the 100-MV battery with a time of 100 days when signing the contract. If it didn’t complete with in time then company must deliver it for free.

Battery is designed to light up 30,000 homes In case of blackout. It will be built in a wind farm operated by France's Neoen. Parts of this park are still under construction, according to Reuters.

This is the largest battery storage project in the world, surpassing an 80 MW/hour facility in California, which also uses Tesla batteries.

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