Tectoy announces relaunch of the classic Think Well for R $ 300


Tectoy announces relaunch of the classic Think Well for R $ 300:

Tectoy Company releases a classic Think Well for just $ 300. It is available for pre-sale, in Brazil market it will come in September this year 2017.

Tectoy is recently launched Master system and Mega Dive, according to company they decided to re-launch the classic old version of Think Well. About 30 years ago when company launched a toy that repeat after computer, basically it is used to design for educational and some basic purpose of children’s. The track record of Tectoy company is been phenomenon between 1980s to 1990s. it delivered toy which can be used to set basic of children despite of playing with it. Company also launched activities book and story for children’s with 100 to 150 pages.

People are doubt about it for its salty price of 300 reais in Brazilian market, well it be possible to find such toy with good quality and techniques in such cheap rates. That why some are get there pre-order in Brazilian website, the company will start delivering in September 2017.


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