Take care, Amazon Free Markets now sells Saraiva books


Take careAmazon Free Markets now sells Saraiva books:

Amazon is making new steps for users by giving them discount on Kindle by making a Kindle week and now company partnership with Saraiva books, to sells its book through its more than 600 market place in Brazil.

Amazon free markets now sells Saraiva Books, about 5 months after Amazon open place in market for books. And for this step, Mercado Livre announced about the partnership with Saraiva to sell books on online platform and in retail network. Official bookstore has more than 20 thousand titles, company also offers 40% discount on several offers.

According to Saraiva officials store inside the Mercado liver, it has more than 20 thousand titles in Portuguese and in other foreign languages. This bookstore is highlighted by the consumers which find a discount of 40% on other many offers. About 600 stores of Saraiva in Brazil according to company and 9.4 million sellers registration in the free market in Latin America. Company also says that there is also a free room for the new agreements of this type.

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