Super Mario Run Game hits record with 40 million downloads just in 4 days….!!


Available only for iPhone, Nintendo’s game has free download, but requires payment of $ 10 to release all stages.

The recently released Super Mario Run game has hit the incredible mark of more than 40 million downloads in just four days on the App Store, breaking a record of the Apple store.

Available now for iPhones only, Nintendo’s first true mobile game also owes some of those expressive numbers to having a true global release in 140 countries at the same time.

It is worth noting that although the Super Mario Run download is free, you have to shell out no less than $ 10 to be able to unlock the entire game on Apple’s smartphone – only the first three stages are free.

While not revealing revenue figures or how many users paid this amount for the app, Nintendo claims the game has managed to enter the top 10 of the most profitable apps in 100 countries.

Made to play with one hand, the game makes the iconic character run all the time – just tap the screen to make him jump and play longer to make him jump even higher. Avoiding obstacles, picking up coins, breaking bricks, everything you know of Mario’s universe is in the first game of the character for smartphones.

The only downside is that Super Mario Run requires an Internet connection to be played – which is not all that bad, unless you were thinking about playing on the plane, for example (even because WiFi connections on planes usually Be expensive and slow).

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