Stephen Hawking releases free access to his doctoral thesis


Stephen Hawking releases free access to his doctoral thesis:

We are well known of the famous Physicist Stephen Hawking, recently he released his doctoral thesis, according to him he wrote when he was just only 24 years old and now he made available for anyone in the world.

He wrote thesis under the title of Expanding Universe Properties,” thesis consist of 134-page and it was the most requested item in the University of Cambridge library, according to the university itself.

Hawking dissertation completed in 1966, from than to now about 200 times has requested and overall it was the second most request thesis in the library.

Stephen Hawking is well known for world, about his research on black holes and relativity, Hawking said that “Will inspire people around the world to look for stars rather than their feet”. He made clear that any one from any part of the world can access to my thesis.

Earlier, this thesis is available with cost of $85 for digital and physical copy and goes to Cambridge library.

According to BBC news, about more than 60,000 people has been accessed to Hawking thesis since it is available for free. In last Hawking state that “It’s wonderful to hear how many people have already shown interest in lowering my thesis – I hope they will not be disappointed now that they finally have access to it”.

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