Startup gets $ 90 million to develop electric taxi-flying


Startup gets $ 90 million to develop electric taxi-flying:

Uber double their effort on the making of electric flying cars, which can help to shorten distances and take less time. Company wants to release its flying car named as “Lilium Jet” in year of 2019 and it can run with the speed of 300km/h with also autonomy for an hour of travel. German Lilium is advanced the startup theme of flying electric car, according to company, investment of round B has reaches an investment of worth $ 90 million and in last year this project raises the investment of $ 10 million.

The new project includes the number of seats in flying electric car also with the team beyond of 70 employees.

Investers include Tencent, Atomico the co-founder of Niklas Zennstrom and Twitter co-founder Ev Williams with head of the Obvious Ventures group and they all give a name “Lilium Jet” to new flying electric car project.

After the launch of lilium jet it will reach a speed of 300km/h with autonomy for an hour of travel, also with an extra feature with serve on demand travel, though this application user can request a car for landing in nearby ground.

Daniel Wiegand CEO and co-found of Lilium said in his statement that “this is next generation means of transport; it will ease by flying around cities without any traffic jam problem”.

Project has completed its test with two-Seater and it is first flight with on demand feature and will launch in 2025.

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