SpaceX successfully completes ground testing of the new Falcon Heavy


SpaceX successfully completes ground testing of the new Falcon Heavy:

Recently SpaceX has posted in its Twitter account, in which it company writes that it completed successfully ground test for the three cores of the first stage of Falcon Heavy (new rocket) of Elon Musk is planning to send it to colonize Mars. Despite this company also send a video of static test of it new rocket. It expected to release in November 2017, it made from a Heavy Falcon 9-s combined.

According to company statement, when it starts commercially, it will be the most powerful rocket ever which also can carry a cargo up to 63,000 pounds and it will be successor to NASAs Saturn V which is retired in 1973.

Company shared an animation to demo that how SpaceX plans to launch the heavy early in the August. At a given moment three nuclei were separated and two was return to their terrestrial bases. The first test of new rocket in delayed a few times, as Elon Musk says in 2011 that it will originally launch in 2013.

Elon Musk says that “initially launch may not work, because of ground test. We are preparing it originally for complexity”. It is the main component of Elon Musk, his goal to plan to colonize on Mars, it will launch first time in November.

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