SoundCloud receives US $ 169 million investment to continue operating


SoundCloud receives US $ 169 million investment to continue operating:

SoundCloud has made big amount of investments this week to operate in upcoming days according to Billboard report it invests near to $ 169.5. In addition company removed Alex Ljung from CEO post and make CEO to Kerry Trainor which also runs Vimeo, and also company bring Mike Weissman new COO.

Company has vast their global area around world that why they want to improve their quality and work with music creators, Recently company changes many things to improve its use globally, company veiling to give good quality sound and better performance to its users.

In an interview Former CEO said to Billboard that “changes are made for the sake of company, may be they are not satisfied with my work but my great wishes with them to make strong company in future”.

And in other hand the newest CEO of company SoundCloud said that “company is ready to give attention to music creators which also include a complete and creative toolkit, this kit uses by the millions of breeders to work with them for company and we are also use this tools to work with focus for company sake and prosperity”.

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