Scientists invade computer using malware encoded in DNA strand


Scientists invade computer using malware encoded in DNA strand:

Recently the researcher of Washington University was able to get interfere of computer to encode in a DNA strand and result is available in market after the success of computer malware encoded in DNA strand.

Team is known for doing extraordinary think which is never done before, last time team has made a DNA chain which incorporating the malicious code in it, after their first success they pushes their effort little bit more a that why they are able to uses computer in DNA strand. It works with computer, computer analysis the DNA strand and give result, that why scientists are able to work with it by remotely scan the computer.

Scientist uses the DNA sequence to work with it, according to its basic structure of DNA is called nucleotides which keep in letter like A,B,G and T. It make possible to scientist to analysis DNA strand. The computer used for this program is able to processed millions of DNA strands at same time which is also with high speed and at cheaper rate.

According to news Scientists “we have to any prove to believe in DNA strand sequence we just work on it and get our desired result and we are also improving our DNA data security as cybersecurity”.

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