Saraiva launches online store aimed at the public geek


Saraiva launches online store aimed at the public geek:

Recently Saraiva launches it new virtual store with the aimed at the geek audience called Universe Geek, the new platform of the retailer website brings a special curation of the various products.

Store will have Books, games, comics, stationaery and movies, all of them are categorized by the big named brands and sagas. Despite this store also have a special section for the Galaxies, Double Identity, incredible Journeys, Futures and Classics.

The director of e-commerce Adriano Tavolassi said about the novelty that “The geek product market grows year over year and has a loyal following. Therefore, our strategy is to bring these customers closer to offer customized items and offers to the interests of this audience”.

The initial aimed at the geek audience is similar to the Geek store of rival Livraria Cultura, which has digital and physical versions, with a unit in São Paulo.

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