São Paulo leads number of trips with Uber around the world


São Paulo leads number of trips with Uber around the world:

News came from the company Uber that “Uber make record with highest numbers of ride in the city of very much name as Sao Paulo which is about 7 million of vehicles comes to the road”.

Despite this the most numbers of trip made in the capital of Sao Paulo which also known for the champion in races with Uber in past year.

Uber started their service about 3 years back in SP, and they get a great response from the people of Sp which is good enough to encourage their services to start their service around world.

Company doesn’t reveal the news on daily basis it just come that around 530 million rides have been taken in 2014 by SP peoples. SP are in the list of most intense traffic despite this Uber introduces its service in 2014 and work hard to get success, after the success in SP Company think to start the service worldwide.

According to company said by spokesman “we are making sure of the condition of car to remain good that’s why people come to ride with us, comfortably, safely and quickly”. Present Uber is active in 70 Brazilian cities with all states and capital and company said it has 15 million users in Brazil.

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