SanDisk Announces New 400GB MicroSD Card


SanDisk Announces New 400GB MicroSD Card:

Recently SanDisk Announce new 400 GB Micro-SD Card (Ultra micro-SXDC USH-I) with expected price of $ 250 according to Amazons US site. If you are annoying with your low storage device, than go to market and by SanDisk 400 GB Card to large your device storage.

The new SanDisk 400 GB micro-SD card provide a large storage to your device and now this is the largest micro-SD card in the world called SanDisk Ultra micro-SXDC USH-I.

In 2015 you may know that Microdia releases the 512 GB micro-SD card but never got device to launch. According to company SanDisk the new 400 GB of micro-SD card can store about 40 hour of HD video in it and provide a speed of 100Mpbs. New 400 GB card available in Amazons US site for $ 250.

SanDisk 400GB of card is useful for android and tablets also for the devices like Raspberry Pi or the Nintendo Switch console.

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