Samsung sneaks image of new Galaxy Note 8 accidentally


Samsung sneaks image of new Galaxy Note 8 accidentally:

Samsung is announced to launch the Galaxy Note 8 on 23/8 of this year but accidentally company sneaks the image of new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on internet. It is publish by the south Korean company in which is briefly said that it is been the long awaited version of Phablet ever, and company are also have positive comments about the launch of new Samsung Galaxy S8 and it will present in New York on the 23/8 of Wednesday.

The new Galaxy Note 8 gains more attention from people because the failure of previous Galaxy notes 7 which come with overheating problem in it. However people are waiting for the new version of note series. And company also hopes that it will manage the failure of Note 7 in future.

Design and screen

Samsung reveal the image of long waited phablet series of Galaxy Note 8 on Friday 18/8.

In picture every one can see the look and design of new Galaxy Note 8 it is most square version of Galaxy S+ comes with S pen.

It is rumor news in the market that new version of Note 8 have 6.2 inches of screen and other hand Note 8+ come with slight difference 6.3 inches of screen, and finger print sensor next to flash area. It is been criticized about the finger print sensor location in Note 8.


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