Samsung Pay can now be used with the Galaxy J Pro line in Brazil


Samsung Pay can now be used with the Galaxy J Pro line in Brazil:

Samsung reveal about the expansion of its pay-to-pay service in Brazil for the popular Galaxy J Pro family. Samsung pay can now used by the owners of the recently launched Galaxy J Pro which cost 1,300 reais which uses NFC technology.

Technology was only compatible with the expansive smart phones only but now it’s working with the Galaxy j7 Pro and Galaxy S, Note and A line of series.

Originally launched in July 2016 in Brazil, the system works simply: just register your credit card in the Pay application and use it as a normal card in the machines with support for technology – the payment unlock happens through your Smartphone’s fingerprint reader.

Despite having already reached customers of several banks in Brazil, including Banco do Brasil, Caixa Economica, Neon, Inter, Banrisul and Santander, Samsung Pay still has no forecast when it will reach the two largest banks in the country, Itaú and Bradesco .

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