Samsung makes joke with 10 years of iPhone in new commercial


Samsung makes joke with 10 years of iPhone in new commercial:

Samsung on November release a ad, you can watch below, in commercial it joke on the 10 eyar of iPhone, rival apple which was originally released in 2007.

The commercial hits over 2 million views so far, in this commercial by Samsung shows the use of difficulties of iPhone since the first generation of handset, and which is losing market in south Korean in past years.

Apple’s first smartphone without a standard audio connector is iPhone 7, in commercial its been subject of jokes during the video, in which the model needs to use different adapters to watch a video with the headset and recharge the device’s battery same time – the wireless recharge only came to the iPhone in the latest models, 8 and X. and after all the difficulties, Samsung shows their handset in the model hand. the model decides to “grow” and “upgrade” to a Galaxy line device, as he says or commercial.

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