Samsung launches ultra-thin 49-inch HDR gamer monitor with FreeSync 2


Samsung launches ultra-thin 49-inch HDR gamer monitor with FreeSync 2:

Samsung has recently announce the world first PC monitor with AMD FreeSync 2 technology which include traditional model CHG70 with 27 and 32 inches of screen also with giant CHG90 with ultra wide screen of 49 inches, it has capability to configure with multiple monitors in one place. In Amazon it is available for pre-sale of $ 1,500.

Samsung new product increases the war between AMD FreeSync technologies and Nvidas G-Sync in the HDR monitor segment. Form Company Nvidia has talked about the several monitor gamers form Asus, Acer but it’s not in market yet.

With HDR monitors also with G-Sync, these new panels from Samsung were made to play games very smoothly. They bring HDR, quantum dots, viewing angles of up to 178 degrees, and a significant bend of 1800R along with refresh rates of 144Hz and response times of 1ms. Infect this is good news for gamers.

It has resolution of 3840×1080, the equivalent two standard 1080p monitors side by side. For this pixel of monitor a level require of Radeon RX 580 or higher. It is available in pre order at Amazon site for $1,500 which is planning to release on October 30. Monitors will cost $600 and $700 in their 27 inches and 32 inches version respectively.

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