Samsung launches gilded version of Galaxy S8 in Brazil


Samsung launches gilded version of Galaxy S8 in Brazil:

Recently Samsung announced the new golden version of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ in Brazil. It is available in country, Price of version of Samsung Galaxy s8 and s8+ is between $ 4,000 to $4,400. The New s8 is available in online store and also available in market and for retailer partner networks.

The specification of new Golden version of Samsung galaxy s8 and s8+ is same as the Galaxy s8 and s8+. Samsung combines the black, silver and amethyst color to turn into golden color, this new version of Samsung family is available for sale in Brazil markets. Company just changes the color only, other specification held’s the same as standard s8, it come with the price between 4,000 reais to 4,400 reais in Brazilian market.

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