Samsung launches Galaxy Tab S3 tablet in Brazil for Rs $ 3 thousand


  Samsung lunches galaxy tab S3 tablet in Brazil for Rs $ 3 thousand:


Samsung plans to launches galaxy S3 tab in Brazil on July of 13 Thursday in sao paul. The tablet cost of 3000 reais in the local market of Brazil, and it is only for authorized seller to sell.

It is not been upgrade about a half of an hour, in its new version it is lighter in weight, thinner, and good features with look.

It is available only in a super AMOLD 9.7-inch (2048×1536) screen model, with a premium design with two sided glass in both of silver and black with worth mentioning.


Samsung brings to the Brazilian market with two more accessories specific to the tablet: a protective cover, costs of 250 reais, and a physical keyboard, which leaves for 480 reais.

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