Samsung launches application to help people with low vision


Samsung launches application to help people with low vision:

Recently new from company Samsung has come that company successfully developed application which help vision problem peoples, app work with Gear VR and it has capable to increase the vision of people. Infect it doesn’t work on blink peoples, people who’s ayes sight is week it will work on them only.

Samsung user of its new smart phones S7, S7 edge, S8 and S8+ smart phone are compatible with the app format and they are able to download the app from Oculus Store, app supports Korean and English language.

Vice president of Samsung Electronics said to an interview that our vision is to change the 240 million people lives worldwide and we are premise to make such new technology which can help people.

You may have question that how will it work with low vision people, how it could possible that low vision people can see images and videos, here are the solution

Using app and wearing Gear VR, app will render picture and images from videos which will projected through rear camera of Smartphone, which make image and video suitable for low vision people. It also as a feature of minimizing and enhancing the image, it will help people the read newspaper, reading books are looking TV and many more. And the major thing is that it will never harm you mentally from anywhere.

According to company it is working on glasses so people can easily solve their visual problem in daily lives without any major interference.

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