Samsung Launches 7-Day Battery Tracking Device


Samsung Launches 7-Day Battery Tracking Device:

Samsung announced this week in an US event, A new tracking Device that able users to find out easily their family, pets and cars and other valuables are located. Device named as Connect Tag, this gadget has small dimension with 4.12 cm wide and 1.19 cm thick and weights of 25 grams only. You can use it like, place it in child’s backpack or to attach it to your dog, cats and car too.

The new device runs on Samsung’s Tizen system which uses GPS, Wi-Fi-based positioning (WPS) and cell identifier, which used to  provide accurate locations in both indoor and outdoor environments cases. The device come with Hugh battery of 300 mAh, according to company Samsung, it can run 7 days in single charge and also device is water and dust resistant which relying on IP68 certificate which delivers high durability.

How it works:

According to company, the tag can use as a good companion like, when the user forgets where he parked the car in a mall or open place, for example. In these cases, just activate the “on demand” function by taping on a smartphone button and than you’ll find your vehicle – but device must be in car. Connect tag has also send my Location feature which allow user to know where it is to be sought by parents guardian or in emergency for police too.


Samsung Connect Tag device will arrives first in South Korea, the manufacturer’s hometown, where it is planning to be released in the coming months. Company said after the launch in South Korea, company will plan to launch it in other countries.

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